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I lost my wife's audiobook

Now I'll never hear the end of it.

Studying for MCAT when I heard this Joke!

I was studying for the MCAT while listening to an audiobook for a chapter on the endocrine system. Anyways, at the end of the audiobook the guy signs of saying: "Hey John, how do you make a hormone anyway?"... "That's easy Jordan, you just don't pay her." Loled so hard!

I lost my moms audiobook

I lost my moms expensive audio book,

I'll never hear the end Of it

I was listening to a Stephen King novel on my wife's audiobook, and it accidentally broke.

Now I'll never hear the end of It.

Not Wally, Not Wally, Not Wally, Not Wally, Not Wally,Not Wally...

*from the Where's Wally Audiobook*

You ever hear an audiobook on a record player?

It's really page turning

Finally listened to the audiobook for "The Hunger Games".

In my opinion, the book was better.

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