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Some Yank had the audacity to say us Texans were dumb for not having Snow Tires. Bless their heart.

We may not have as much experience as y'all Yanks when it comes to snow, but after tinkering with it a couple minutes I think all of us Texans can agree to try and make a tire out of snow is a pretty dumb idea.

We'll keep our tires made of rubber, thanks.

I can't believe my neighbor had the audacity to ring my doorbell at 2 in the morning.

Lucky for him though I was still up playing my bagpipes.

I will never have the audacity to choose a career path for my children,

it's their responsibility to choose whatever medical school they'll graduate from.

Someone had the audacity to delete every version of Microsoft Office from my computer.

I have no Words.

I asked my doctor friend if he ever slept with a patient...

He had the audacity to get MAD!
Man, vets really have no sense of humour...

My audio editor keeps shutting down unexpectedly while I'm working.

The Audacity.

For a school video project, I was partnered with the class bitch

Wanting it to be finished as soon as possible, I told her that I would do most of the project as long as she would stay out of my way. I then realized that my computer was undergoing repairs so I asked her if she had any audio editing software. And let me tell you,

This bitch had the Audacity.

What city do all Karens come from?


I can't believe my computer has the audacity to edit audio

My computer decided to replace all my icons to this weird yellow bubble with headphones...

The Audacity...

Last week I let my neighbor borrow

my lawnmower. Today I asked for it back and he had the audacity to call me an Elizabeth Warren giver.

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In which city does Auda lives in ?

He lives in the Audacity

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