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On an average, Women live 2 years more than men.

Another classic male attribute. Always finishing before women.

A dad takes his special needs son to soccer tryouts.

After his son fails at shooting, passing and set pieces, the coach approaches the father and says, "are you sure your son is cut out for this?"

The father replies, "you haven't seen his best attribute yet."

"What's that?"


What does a prostitute's resume list as her top attribute?

She's a consummate professional.

What was Hitler's best attribute as a student?


I got approached on a dating website by a midget

I asked her what she felt her best attribute was.

She responded "I'm really down to earth."

The attribute I most look for in a woman is peanut butter legs...

smooth and easy to spread.

What is a Skunk's greatest attribute?


Flynn's Corollary to Hanlon's Razor

Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by re-election.

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