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Women with no boobs have the worst attitudes.

You'd think they would have already gotten everything off their chests.

People are so easily offended these days.

That's why I only ever make jokes at the expense of white men, whose thick skins and calmly rational attitudes make them impossible to upset.

Have you heard the old one about a woman doing a survey on sexual attitudes?

She stops an airline pilot and asks him, amongst other things, when he last had sexual intercourse. He replies 1958. Now, knowing airline pilots, the researcher is surprised and queries this. Well, says the pilot, it's only 2110 now.

(Credit, John Cleese c. 1991)

My wife and I were talking about people's attitudes while we walked through the park.

She said, "What do you think of bigotries?"

I said, "I don't mind them. As long as they don't fall on me!"

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