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What is the difference between a well dressed man on a unicycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle?


Did you hear about the unfashionable mechanic?

He needed to change attire.

(I'm probably too proud of myself for making this one; someone's almost definitely done it before.)

What's the difference between a man wearing pajamas on a bicycle and a guy wearing a tuxedo on a unicycle


What's the difference between a poorly-dress man on a bicycle, and a well dressed man on a unicycle?


Actually wait, there's two differences.

Attire, and a tire.

What is the most common attire during WWII?

Casual Tees

Whats the difference between a badly dressed man on a bicycle and a posh dressed man on a unicycle?


What's the difference between a formally-dressed man riding a unicycle and a casually-dressed man riding a bicycle?


What do you call a wheel with clothes?


My brother told this to me and it gave me a chuckle.

In light of today's events in Toronto

A lady gets on a plane and realizes that she's been seated next to an Arab man in traditional attire. She watches him cautiously during the entire flight.

When the plane lands, he gets out before her, but leaves his briefcase under the seat in front of him. Noticing this, she grabs it and follows him, handing him the briefcase!

"You almost forgot this!", she said.

The man looks at her and says, "Thank you for this, miss. As a token of my appreciation, I have some advice for you, "Stay away from Toronto."

She replied, "Why? Is there going to be an attack there?"

"No", he said. "Their mayor's a crackhead."

Army vs. Navy

An Army Colonel and a Navy Commodore dressed in ceremonial attire, are taking a pee in the men's room.

Post finishing their business, the Army guy washes his hands and dries them on a towel.
The Navy guy proceeds to just walk out.

Seeing this, the Army guy can't resist taking a snipe and says, 'Didn't the Navy teach you to wash your hands after peeing?'

The Navy guys replies, 'Nah! In the Navy they just taught us not to pee on our hands.'

What's the difference between a businessman on a tricycle and a homeless man on a bicycle?


What do you call rubber clothing?


What's the difference between a man in plain clothes riding a unicycle and a man in a tuxedo riding a bike?


Why do you have to dress so nicely when riding a unicycle?

Because attire is the most important thing about a unicycle

Why couldn't the old bike stay upright?

It was *two-tired.*

An oldy, but a goody, I hope you can *handle* it.

Changing *gears*, I *spoke* at a fancy unicycle conference and you know what's different there? *Attire.*

I'm just *pedaling* for upvotes.

What article of clothing is round and rubbery?


What's between the road and a dress?


What's the difference between a man biking to a job interview and a clown on a unicycle?


When is a shirt not a shirt?

When it's attire.

My friend's throwing a fancy dress party themed around period attire...

I'm going dressed as a tampon

Why do unicyclists and bicyclists wear different clothing?

They find it easier to balance attire

What's the difference between: a regularly dressed man on a bicycle, and a well dressed man on a tricycle?


What do you call clothing on wheels?


What do you call a skeleton in fancy attire?

Fashionably late.

I'll be here all week.

What does a man riding a bicycle and a unicycle have in common?


What's the difference between a wealthy man wearing a tux and riding a bike and a hobo in torn jeans and shirt riding a unicycle?


Rockstar has pretty much confirmed it's making a new Red Dead ...

... Grand Theft Auto V dlc with new customizable skins inspired by attire in the famous western-themed game.

Car son talks to car dad about a dance.

A car child goes up to his car dad and says "hey dad I don't know what tires to where to the dance" and the father says "don't worry son it's just attire.

I wore my superhero outfit today and I'm not sure why everyone was staring at me.

I thought it was conventional attire.

What kind of outfit does a unicycle wear?


Popsicle sticks can be surprisingly funny.

What is a gay geneticist's favorite attire?

designer genes

Why wasn't the car able to go to prom?

It didn't have good at-tire!

whats the difference between a...

whats the difference between a man in a suit riding a bicycle and a man in gym clothes riding a unicycle?


Difference between a unicylcist with nice clothes and a bicyclist with terrible clothes?



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