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The cops in my town are looking for a racist attacker, so I called them up.

Apparently it wasn't a job interview.

A man was walking through Northern Ireland in 1975

Someone in a mask came up behind him and put a knife against his throat. Are you Catholic or Protestant? he shouted.

The man realised if he said he was Catholic and his assailant was Protestant, he was dead. Likewise, if he said he was Protestant and his assailant was Catholic, he was dead. After some quick thinking, he came up with a smart answer.

I'm Jewish! he said quickly.

The attacker replied Wow, I must be the luckiest Arab in Ireland!

A monk was walking home one night...

A monk was walking home one night, and to get home, he has to walk down a dark alleyway. He walks down the alleyway, and out of the shadows comes a hooded man, the man draws a knife on the monk. He says "Empty your pockets, give me everything". The monk looks at the man, and the proceeds to pull a gun from underneath his robes and then point the gun at his attacker. The attacker says "What?!? Why do you have a gun?!? I thought monks were about inner peace". The monk replies "Yes, this is my inner piece".

The police are looking for a racist attacker

I phoned them up, but apparently it's not a job offer.

London attacker has been identifed as Khalid Masood.

Well, he definitely Khalid Ma-mood yesterday.

A snail was mugged by a turtle.

When the police asked him to describe the attacker, he said:

"I couldn't tell! It happened so fast!"

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