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A Zen student asked his master, "Is it OK to use email?"

"Yes," replied the master, "But no attachments."

How does Dalai Lama send emails?

With no attachments.

Why can't you email photos to a Jedi?

Because attachments are forbidden

Why can't Buddhists vacuum under the couch?

Because they have no attachments.

Why don't Buddhists vacuum in the corners of the monastery?

Because they have no attachments.

How do Buddhist monks send emails?

They remove all attachments.

My wife emailed me our wedding photos but I couldn't open any of the files.

I have serious trouble with emotional attachments.

A disciple asked, Master, is it okay for a monk to use emails?

Yes, son, the guru quipped, as long as there are no attachments.

I'm tired of explaining to my spiritual Guru how E-mails work.

He can't just understand what attachments are!

Is it ok for monks to use email?

As long as they don't have attachments.

Why can't you send files in an email to a Jedi?

Attachments are forbidden!

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Why can't you email a picture to a Jedi?

Because attachments aren't allowed

I got received an e-mail from my Buddhist friend... was free from attachments.

Which email attains enlightenment ?

The one which has no attachments !

Why couldn't the Buddhist hoover the corners of his house?

He had no attachments.

What did the email account do when it started practicing Buddhism?

It let go of all attachments.

Its ok for monks to use emails,

As long as there are no attachments.

Why didn't Buddha vacuum under the chair?

He had no attachments.

A woman visits a monastery

She asks the head monk a few questions about improving her concentration in her daily life, but the monk says the answer is too long. He offers to e-mail her later, which leads her to ask, "Are monks allowed to use e-mail?" to which the monk replies, "Sure, as long as they don't have any attachments."

Are monks allowed to use email?

Yes, as long as there're no attachments.

I'm going to write a book about adhesives.

It's going to be a griping tale about bonding, attachments, and a few sticky situations.

When is it okay for monks to use e-mail?

When there are no attachments

Did you hear about the Buddhist vacuum cleaner?

It has no attachments.

A novice asked his zen master if it's ok for Buddhists to use email.

The master answered: "Yes. But no attachments."

Why couldn't the Buddha hoover under the sofa?

Because he had no attachments

Why couldn't the Buddhist monk send his mother a birthday card via email?

He had no attachments.

A monk to another, "O! master, is it proper for a monk to use email?"

"Sure, as long as there are no attachments", replied the other.

Why I cannot delete my large emails

Too many attachments!

Why are jedi useless at email?

Attachments are forbidden

What did the Buddhist order from a hotdogs vendor? (and two other Buddhist jokes)

One with everything

What kind of vacuum cleaner did the Buddhist buy?

One with no attachments

What did the Buddhist eat for breakfast?


[credit to my friend Geoff for first two]

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