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I'm being attacked by Russian hackers!

Sorry! Is mistake. Russian people not do such things! Have good day.

What do you do if you're attacked by a gang of clowns?

Go for the juggler.

I once attached a bunch of watches together to make a belt...

I'll admit it was a waist of time.

Someone said they'd attack me with the neck of their guitar...

"Is that a fret?"

I was attacked by 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9

The odds were against me

I was attacked by a group of mime artists.

They did unspeakable things to me.

How do you know the US isn't going to attack North Korea?

They didn't arm them first.

I attached all my watches together into a belt today.

It's a complete waist of time.

I attacked a stranger with a sock full of dead AAA Duracells

Kind of ironic that I was charged with battery

I was once attacked by a Frenchman with a baguette

That memory is still inbreaded within me.

Say you're being attacked by a circus mob. What's the best strategy?

Go for the juggler.

If you get attacked by a group of clowns

Go for the juggler

Just been attacked by a ginger kid doing martial arts....

turns out he was the Carroty kid.

I was attacked last night in the street by a bloke with a power tool.

There I was just minding my own business then BOSCH!

What should you do if you get attacked by a German Shepherd?

Take his crook

I was just attacked by a bunch of snakes. Not sure how many there were. Around 3.14 I'd guess.

I think they were probably Ο€thons.

Somebody attacked Bill Clinton's vice president with a chainsaw.

Witnesses described a mess of blood and Gore.

There was an attack on a commoner's tea shop yesterday.

There were 24 casual teas.

If you are ever attacked by a group of clowns...

Always go for the juggler.





I got attacked and mugged by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

I got Attacked and mugged by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Ironically, he wasn't wearing a mask, so I couldn't Idenitfy him.

Being attacked by three armed men is really unfortunate

but at least they didn't have four arms

Why was I attacked by 1,3,5,7, and 9?

Becuase the odds were against me

If you get attacked by a clown gang in cyberpunk 2077...

Go for the jugular

I was attacked by tiny bees....

The experience was belittling.

Everyone's attacking Rubio, but it's not his fault

His aide wrote the same thing on both his palms.

If you're attacked by the Energizer Bunny... he charged with battery?

I just got attacked by someone with milk and cheese

How dairy.

I attacked a man with a spliff yesterday...

I was charged with "assault using a blunt instrument"

I got attacked by a giant dandelion earlier...

So I blew its head off.

You are being attacked by a gang of clowns, how do you defend yourself?

You go for the juggler

(Stole it from some guy in my office)

I was attacked by a gang of flying nuns...

It was a real Cloister Flock!

I got attacked by a yob with bat down the local park yesterday..

I was really impressed with how well he had it trained

What do you do if you are attacked by a Spaceman?

Wait 30 years, then report it on the net.

Edit. Spaceyman.

Why don't you attack an orchestra?

Because they can get violin-t

I attached a picture of a marine mammal to my graphite stick.

It's a penseal

If you're attacked by a gang of clows...

go for the juggler.

I was attacked by wild bunnies who bit me 8 times

Luckily the doctor who helped me only charged me for one byte

I was attacked at a birthday party by a Mexican man with a baseball bat.

Thankfully he was blindfolded and extremely dizzy.

How do you attach two quarks together?

Simple! It's just a glue-on!

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