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The Best jokes about Atrophy

What did the laziest man in the world win?


What award did the kid in a coma for six weeks win?


I entered a laziness competition and placed first.

I got atrophy.

What did the winner of the not moving contest get?


What do you get for winning the "Staying in Bed the Longest" competition?


Complaint from 3017: These children's long-term zero gravity soccer leagues are raising weak adults.

Every kid gets atrophy.

Dead people reward

What do dead people get as a reward?


What did the coma patient win?


Today I won the National Laziness Championship!

What did you win?


What did the man who won a contest where he sat still for 72 hours get?


A man who breaks the world record for longest survived coma is rewarded with


My friend and I are having an eating contest.

Whoever can eat the least gets atrophy.

Atrophy isn't as rewarding as it sounds

I never participated in sports...

But I still got atrophy

Did you hear about Nursing Home Sports League

Everyone gets atrophy at the end of the season.

What did the man get for winning the muscle relaxing contest?


I chained up my trophy wife in the basement...

She's atrophy wife now.

What was the prize for the body builder who went the longest time without working out?


What did the winner of the weak muscles competition get?


I participated in a laziness competition...

I won atrophy.

What prize did the dead body receive?


The rheumatologist turned chef hands you your plate

And she says
"Bon Atrophy"

Some words sounding similar can be confusing. For example, Entropy and Atrophy.

Entropy is simply a measure of how much the energy of atoms and molecules become more spread out in a process and can be defined in terms of statistical probabilities, whereas Atrophy, is what you get if you win something.

Sometimes when you over-exert yourself to win the game

You are rewarded with atrophy.

What kind of award do you get for being a #1 couch potato?

A trophy. Muscle atrophy.

What did the winner of the Special Olympics get?


I expected a medal for my bravery when I had a full-leg cast on.

Instead, I got atrophy.

Did you hear about the kid who won the ALS competition?

He won atrophy for first place.

What kind of award do you get for being really lazy?


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