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Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

Great food, no atmosphere

So I decided to build a Restaurant on the moon

The food is great and all but there's no atmosphere.

Have you guys heard about the new restaurant on the moon?

Early critics say the food is good, but there's no atmosphere.

During sex im like a high energy photon hitting the Earth's atmosphere...

I come fast and dont penetrate very far! ... ayyyyy!

Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon?

It has fantastic food but no atmosphere.

So two astronauts walk into a club on the moon...

One says to the other, "Let's bounce, this place has no atmosphere"

I went to a restaurant on the summit of Mt. Everest.

I give it 3 stars. Food was good, not much atmosphere though.

Why did the restaurant on the moon fail?

The food was decent but it had no atmosphere.

Due to the non existent atmosphere on the moon, the american flag is by now completely white.

Great, now everyone thinks the French were the first...

Did you hear they recently opened a bar on the moon?

The cocktails are great, but it has no atmosphere.

4 friends in their 20s....

Four friends in their 20s go to a new restaurant, Sands, because they've never been there before.

10 years later, they reunite and go back because the waitresses were so pretty.

In their 40s, they decide to go again because of the amazing wine selection.

Another 10 years pass and they once again go because of the delicious food.

In their 60s, they go again because the quiet atmosphere is perfect for a low conversation.

You guessed it, in their 70s they go again, this time for the amazing sunset over the late.

Ten years later, they decide to go to Sands, because they've never been there before.

Have you heard of the restaurant in space?

Good food, no atmosphere

God decides to take a vacation...

So he goes to his travel agent to get some recommendations. God asks the agent where he should go and the agent says, "How about the Moon? It's supposed to be all the rage right now."

God thinks about it and says, "No... I'd like to go somewhere with a little more atmosphere."

So the agents says, "Okay, well how about Mars? It's really nice this time of year."

God considers it for a second and then says, "No... I'd really like to go somewhere with water."

The agent goes, "Oh well I've got the perfect place, how about Earth? It's got beautiful water and lots of atmosphere!"

God thinks about it again before saying, "No... I went there a couple thousand years ago and knocked up some Jewish girl and they've been talking about it ever since."

There's a new restaurant on the moon

The food is great but the place has no atmosphere.

I heard that because the moon has no atmosphere...

the American flag we planted there has lost its color and is now completely white. We need go up there and change it. Because we don't want anyone thinking the French beat us to the moon.

Whats wrong with the Bar on the Moon?

It doesn't have any atmosphere

Did you hear about the new restaraunt on the moon?

It's got great food, just no atmosphere..

what did the cloud say to the atmosphere?

what the hail was that?!

Air Force One

Air Force One was carrying the President over the Atlantic Ocean for an international peace conference. One of the Secret Service agents approached the President, "Sir, there's a problem with the septic system. It's too full and it's starting to ice over."

The President replied, "Can't you just flush the system into the atmosphere?"

Secret service agent says, "No sir, I can't do that"

President asks, "Why not?"

Secret service agent, "Sir, I can't initiate an icy BM launch unless you give me the proper authorization codes."

NASA was planning on building a restaurant on the moon

They cancelled because they figured it wouldn't have any atmosphere.

So yesterday I was getting a mole removed...

The dermatologist explained that since it grew back looking cancerous, they'd have to cut a bigger section out, which would require a few stitches. Anyways, the procedure is underway, and I'm laying face down as they're cutting into me. It's a little quiet so I try to lighten the atmosphere with a joke.

"You guys know that this mole spoke to me. It could actually talk!" The nurse was a little confused by this and responded, weakly "oh, really?". I said "Yeah, he used to talk to me all the time. He said I could never tell anyone that he was on my back, because 'Snitches... Get Stitches.'"

It was pretty silent after that. The doctor let out a snort/cough/chuckle after thinking about it. But I'm still not sure if the joke was worth the awkwardness.

Why is so difficult to have sex in outer space?

No atmosphere

Hey, did you hear about that new restaurant on the moon?

The place is great, but it has no atmosphere

Have you heard about the restaurant on Mars?

The food is great, but the atmosphere is lacking.

What do you get when an argument occurs on a camping trip?

A tents atmosphere

They're building a restaurant on Mars now...

They say the food will be great, but they're worried about a lack of atmosphere.

Why are restaurants on the moon always so mediocre?

There's never any atmosphere.

The best restaurant in space has great food

but no atmosphere.

What's the difference between a dead baby and a Styrofoam cup?

A dead baby doesn't harm the atmosphere when you burn it.

Why did no-one visit the restaurant on the Moon?

It had a bad atmosphere

Why a restaurant on the moon wouldn't work?

There would be no atmosphere.

A man walks into a 5-star restaurant...

A man walks into a fancy 5-star restaurant.

The host says to him: " Good evening sir. Do you have a reservation?"

The man replies : "Yes, actually."

The host asks: "Name?"

And the man replies: " Nah, the name is ok. It's just the atmosphere."

Space may sound romantic...

But I'd never take a date there; there's no atmosphere.

A German man went to London

While there, he decided to take in the atmosphere of the Great British Pub, and got talking with one of the patrons.

So, where in Germany are you from? he asked, after a couple of beers.

Dresden, the German man replied.

Ah, Dresden! My father used to fly there three times a week.

On business?

No, in a Lancaster bomber.

Went to the moon for dinner last night

Good food

No atmosphere

There was a competition to see who could take their helicopter up the farthest...

The first guy went up a fair distance, but the atmosphere was too thin for him so he quit and came back down. The second guy went further than the first but eventually gave in to exhaustion and just flew back down. The third guy kept going and going, and eventually he began to just become a speck in the sky. Eventually however the helicopter fell and crashed. The pilot came out woozy and everyone asked him what happened.

"It got really cold up there so I switched off the fan"

What would you call Neil Armstrong had he burnt up in the atmosphere returning to earth instead of landing safely?

An unfortu-naut...
God that was horrible....

Have you ever heard of the restaurant on the moon?

The food is out of this world, but it has no atmosphere.

I was once asked in a job interview if I could perform under pressure.

I said, "I do my best work at one atmosphere."

Did you hear they built a nightclub on the moon?

It's a far out location, but it lacks atmosphere.

What's the worst part about parties in space?

No atmosphere

The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future are all sitting in a bar together.

What a tense atmosphere.

100000 pascals met up and founded a Bar...

Then they invited 1325 other pascals to create great atmosphere.

Why did the restaurant on the moon fail?

They barely had any atmosphere.

The year 2050: "Hey honey, want to go to mars today?"

Nah, I don't like the atmosphere.

Girlfriend: At least with the quarantine, the air pollution levels are down

Me: Well I kinda like the air pollution, it adds to the atmosphere.

Why can't you have a party on the moon?

There's just no atmosphere

I hear the moon is a pretty boring place...

There's absolutely no atmosphere

A Lion walks into a bar

The atmosphere is tense

A new restaurant opened in space!

Mixed reviews so far. The food is over the moon, but prices are sky high and there's no atmosphere at all.

There's a new restaurant on Mars

The food is really good but the atmosphere is awful.

A Couple Goes to a Chinese Restaurant...

They're feeling hungry but don't want to gorge themselves on appetizers, so when the waiter takes their initial order they ask for water and some light dumplings.

After some time, they notice that the room seems a bit darker. The waiter comes back for refills and asks How is everything?

The man replies Well, the atmosphere is nice but why isn't our appetizer here yet?

The waiter responds What appetizer? You only said you wanted the light dim sum!

One night...

100000 pascals met up and established a bar. Then they've invited 1325 more pascals for a good atmosphere.

Cloud Joke

Did you ever hear about the water in the atmosphere that tried to break the rules of condensation?

It wasn't a cloud.

Have you heard that soon there's gonna be a restaurant on the moon??

Well, they say there's gonna be quality food.. Can't say much about the atmosphere though..

I joined a cult once, and the atmosphere was very toxic.

They kept telling me to kill myself.

What's your favorite thing about earth?

It's just got such a great atmosphere.

Was going to go to the new restaurant in space.

Heard their food is great, but there is no atmosphere.

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