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Two brothers on Christmas day

So there are two brothers, Jimmy and Timmy

They both run down stairs to see what Santa had brought them

The presents are divided into two piles, with Jimmy's pile being larger

Jimmy say, " Haha, my pile is bigger!"

Then Timmy says," Well, atleast I don't have cancer."

15 years of prayer

So a homeless man starts praying to god everyday for 15 years straight asking to win the lottery at least once. He never misses a day and pleads to god. One day he starts praying when he sees a flash of light and hears god yell "ATLEAST BUY A LOTTERY TICKET IF YOU WANT TO WIN!"

So an old man goes to the doctor to get checked out and....

The doctor tells him "I got bad news and some really bad news" so the old man replies "what's the bad news?" "The bad news is you have cancer." "Oh. And the other news?" " you have alzheimers.." Then the old man says " Atleast I don't have cancer!"

Sorry for bad format

out the door

Q: if your wife was at the front door and your dog was barking at the back door which one will you let in first

a: your dog cause if you let him in first atleast he will shut up once he gets in :3

I saw a poor old lady fall on the ice today

Atleast I think she was poor. She only had $.75 in her wallet.

2 Friends Walk Into A Bar

really? you would expect atleast one of them to see it

The doctor comes to a patient

Doc: You have cancer and alzheimer.
Patient: That's fine, atleast i don't have cancer.

The other day I found out my necronomicon had typos

but atleast now I know how to summon santa

Dear life...

... atleast use lubricant.

How many dead hookers do you need to replace a lightbulb?

Atleast not three since my basement is still dark.

What did the 5 dollar bill day to the 1 dollar bill?

Atleast I'm not single

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A friend of mine hosted a party to help him get over his girl friend dumping him.

Three of us showed up. I brought a deck of cards,and suggested we play a game.

He refused, saying we needed to wait for atleast one more person to show up.

No wonder his girlfriend dumped him. He hated four play.

Atleast my crippling depression keeps me going

I'm a real self-loathivator

Deeply exhaling indicates a negative mood..

Atleast that's what sighentists say.. ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

I honestly prefer Brexit over being bullied in school day after day

Atleast I'd get pounded less

Atleast there was one way that the new Ghostbusters was true to the original...

It still had a black guy as one of the main cast.

I had a health scare recently...

My doctor said I had arthritis, I has so shocked I couldn't move a muscle... atleast I think that's the reason.

What is the difference between a Yoghurt and the US

When you leave Yoghurt alone long enough it will atleast develop some kind if culture

There's a hole in my sock

but atleast there's not a sock in my hole

All the Americans shouldnt move to Canada but Mexiko instead

that way they would atleast have a wall between them and Trump

(sorry for any possible spelling or gramar mistakes)

I can't stand being in a wheelchair.

Don't even try and tell me that joke was offensive. Atleast it wasn't a blind joke. I can't see how those are funny.

All women should be able to do atleast 70 things

69 and leave

I sat my children down to tell them the story of how i met their mother...

They said "Dad, Atleast wait until Mom dies to start thinking of dating someone else...."

A man goes to the doctor

Doctor: Okay, I have 2 messages for you. The first one is, you have lung cancer, the second one, you have alzheimer.

Man: Thank god, atleast not cancer.

Did you hear Southwest's new slogan?

They may beat our price,
but atleast we don't beat you

Americans tend to think us Aussies are all dumb...

But atleast we get our weather information from meteorologists and not groundhogs.

People shouldn't compare prostitution and supporting Trump?

Cause atleast somebody is fighting to make prostitution legal

My wife left me, saying I was a compulsive liar

Atleast I think that's what she said... I was busy wrestling a tiger at the time.

Doctor: You have cancer and Alzheimer's

Patient: Atleast Idont have Cancer

The Bison.

My son and I were hiking one day when a bison charged towards him as he was taking a leak. I shouted Bison but it was already too late and he died. My wife tried to console me and said Atleast you were able to say goodbye .

A little poem

I dig...
You dig...
We dig...
He dig...
She dig...
They dig...

It may not be the best poem, but atleast itΒ΄s deep.

A woman kept berating her maid that she was good for nothing all the time

One day the maid couldnt take it anymore .She shouted "Atleast I'm better than you in bed "

The woman was shocked,then she recovered and asked "Did my husband tell you that?"

Maid "No,your driver did "

One time one acid

I sneezed and uncontrollably laughed for atleast 20 minutes because all I could think about is "snot that funny"

There is no way Facebook is losing the lawsuit

Atleast not after knowing the behavioral profiles of the judicial panel

The polish bride.

[Might be a repost, but c'mon, I'm pretty sure there would be atleast one person who wouldn't have heard this one]

What is long and hard, that a Polish bride gets on her wedding night?

A new last name.

My dad says I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

But he also says atleast I've got the being a tool part down to a science!

It's not gay if it's a threeway

Atleast that's what my Uncle always said and I never heard my Dad tell him he's wrong.

My wife had a heart attack while we were having sex...

...but atleast she died doing what she loved.

I bought a horrible tasting chocolate the other day....

atleast my dog liked it

Did you know depression can make you fly?

Well not quite fly but hang atleast.

I'm from alabama and I SHOULDN'T have intercourse with my family

Atleast that's what my mom/aunt says

If I'm ever about to be hanged at the gallows I hope they put a horse in front of me.

Atleast then I can say that I was hung like a horse .

My wife does'nt think I respect her privacy enough.

Atleast that's what it says in her diary.

The receptionist got a bit shocked when a nun comes running out at full speed, with an expression that could only be described as pure horror.

Receptionist: What in gods name happened to her? The receptionist asked the doctor.

Doctor: Well, I told her she was pregnant.

Receptionist: Pregnant? A nun? Was she really?

Doctor: Of course not, but atleast I managed to cure her hiccups...

I brought my granddad to a spa where the fish eat your dead skin

My mom objected but atleast we saved money from the funeral

I asked my crush out and got rejected. My friend was shot in a school shooting on the same day

Well on the bright side, atleast I wasnt the only one that got shot down.

Country flags make no sense

Atleast the Japanese flag has a point.

I lead a nation, It called my imagi-nation

I don't know if that's original or not, But I just want to make y'all to atleast smile while this rough time.

Alzheimers, its a bad thing...

...but atleast you get to meet new people everyday.

Newton Died a virgin. So in this instance atleast I'm better than Newton.

I haven't died yet.

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