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A girl just finished telling her problem to a dictionary, thesaurus and an atlas...

The dictionary replied, "I know what you mean"

The thesaurus said, "I feel the same way"

And the atlas said, "I can see where you're coming from"

What did the treasure hunter say when he finally found the map of the Golden City?


Why did Atlas win worker of the year?

Because he never drops the ball.

My friend stole my Atlas and won't give it back.

Seriously it's the world to me.

I was going to meet Atlas but I had to wait a long time...

After finally being invited to see him, I asked, "what's the holdup?"

Yo mama so fat...

She models for the atlas

What did Ayn Rand write after finally getting slipped a mickey by bloodthristy commies?

Atlas Drugged

I'll show myself out

Ayn Rand went to Olympus and found Atlas

She asked: "How could a man hold the world on his shoulder? How could he do so as punishment and without praise, Without reward? What drives a person to such lengths? What makes us want to help others whatsoever? What if we all are truly selfish beings only out to help ourselves and no-one else, Could it be that possibly humans are incapable of understanding what you're doing and can only, therefore, perceive what Zeus makes you do as punishment for some grand insult? Answer me Atlas! Answer me"

Atlas Shrugged

Why did the geographer keep their book in a safe

So it could be safe atlas

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