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What's the difference between the lost city of Atlantis and Florida?

About 3 days

In all honesty though, my thoughts and good wishes go out to the people of Florida,

Where is the lost city of Atlantis?

Lantis. I can't believe nobody has thought to look there yet.

I asked my daughter's dentist for her favorite joke. Was not disappointed.

What is the latest fad among teenage mermaids in the city of Atlantis?

Taking shellfies with their shellphones.

How did crabs get around Atlantis?

Pubic transportation

What martial art Aquaman learnt in Atlantis?

Crab Magรก

What's the difference between Blockbuster Video and Atlantis?

One of them sank under the ocean for 3,000 years. The other is Atlantis.

What's the difference between hoverboards and Atlantis?

One is dead, forgotten, and buried under the ocean for 3,000 years. The other is Atlantis.

Why is it called Atlantis?

It should be called Atlantisn't

NASA Space shuttles Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis, Enterprise, and Endeavor all flew successfully. So why did Challenger fail?

Because you experience 0 G's in space.

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