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There's been a rumor going around recently that Rowan Atkinson can't please his wife

Apparently he missed her bean

You don't hear about Rowan Atkinson much these days.

It's probably because he's a has-*bean*.

what do you call a high Rowan Atkinson?

Baked bean.

What type of drug can you take if you have an allergic reaction to Rowan Atkinson?


What do you call Rowan Atkinson watching Monty Python?

A jellybean.

Why couldn't Rowan Atkinson satisfy his wife?

Because he missed her bean.

Today I masturbated while watching a Rowan Atkinson film.

I love a good bean flick

Rowan atkinson (repost from dadjokes)

Rowan Atkinson visits Mexico , goes to a restaurant and orders a burrito. The burrito was huge and Rowan couldn't finish it , he picks up his plate goes to the chef and says
"That was the best burrito ever"
The chef replies
"Thank you senor but you missed a bean"

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