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Why can't Athiests solve exponential problems?

Because they don't believe in higher powers.

Everyone says athiests tell terrible jokes

But I won't believe that until I have proof.

People tell me I speak like an athiest...

But I don't believe any of that nonsense.

Why can't athiests use exponents?

Because they don't believe in a higher power.

Why did the athiest refuse to cross the road?

He didn't believe in the other side.

Christian to an athiest : if god doesn't exist who created the universe

Atheist : well i don't know for sure but it might be just there from the starting

Christian : Don't be stupid god created the universe

Atheist : so who created god

Christian : no one did he was there from the starting

A crossdresser, a vegan and an athiest walk into a bar

I only know because it's reposted every week

Assume your office is a Temple.

Assume your office is a Temple and your boss is GOD, and you are an athiest for a happy life.

A religious man asks an athiest, Do we have free will?

Atheist: We do, but only because we have no choice!

How many athiests do you need to change a lughtbulb?

None. It will be changed by itself.

A Christian, an Athiest, and a Vegan walk into a bar...

How do you know? Because they all told you

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