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Why do you torture yourself like that?

This isn't quite a joke, but a funny situation that just happened to me.

I walked into the living room to see that my roommate was playing a really old and crappy looking video game that looked like it could be Atari.

So I asked him "Why are you torturing yourself like that, playing these horrible Atari games? You have a Playstation right there!"

To which he replied "Sadomasochism." I shrugged and said "Fair enough."

There was a moment of silence, so he said it louder. "*Sadomasochism*."

I looked at him really weird, said "Whatever" and turned to leave the room, so he said it again -

"Not Atari, Sadomasochism."

It turns out he was saying "Sega Master System" the whole time.

A talk between video game consoles...

NINTENDO: Do you remember when we were the video consoles all people wanted to have?
SEGA: I do.
ATARI: I have no memory.

What's the difference between a pick-up artist and an Atari 2600?

An Atari 2600 has more game.


What video game causes acne?

Atari Breakout

Kevin Spacey has now announced a new partnership with Atari, rebooting an old classic

They're calling it "Spacey Invaders".

My dating life is like playing my Atari 2600 ...

Lots of nostalgia, but I end up playing with myself.

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