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The Best jokes about Astrophysicist

Not all astrophysicists are bad.

I'm sure at least one of them's a really Feynman.

What happened when the astrophysicist lost a competition?

He got a constellation prize.

Did you hear about the astrophysicist that upset the Godfather?

He woke up with a horsehead nebula in his bed.

Which famous astrophysicist used to play sports?

Neil Lacrosse Tyson

What did the astrophysicist say to the quark?

You matter.

How did the astrophysicist break up with their girlfriend?

Honey, I need just one thing from you, time & space.

Why are astrophysicists always nervous before they launch a new satellite?

It can be a very Hubble-ing experience.

These jokes may not be funny for you, but they are Fermi.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is now being investigated for sexual misconduct.

But is it really all that surprising that an astrophysicist pulled a Spacey?

What do you call an astrophysicist who goes blind and decides to be a statistician?

Phil DeGraph Tyson

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