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The Best jokes about Astronomers

Astronomers got tired of watching the moon go round the earth for 24 hours, so they called it a day.

I'm sorry.

Why do astronomers love Game of Thrones?

Because of its dwarf star.

Why do astronomers put beef in their shampoo?

for meatier showers.

Do you know why astronomers named the planet "Saturn?"

It just had a nice ring to it.

Q: How do astronomers organize a party?

**They planet.**

After Astronomers discovered the Earth rotates about an axis...

They got bored and decided to call it a day!

I feel like the world really missed an opportunity by calling people that study the sky astronomers

They should've called them skyentists.

Pick up line for astronomers

Baby, the universe starts with "U" "N" "I"

So 2 astronomers decided to throw a party

They sit down for lunch and one of them says: ok, let's planet

The astronomers were tired after following the moon for 24 hours

So they called it a day.

How do astronomers plan a party?

they planet.

What's an astronomers favorite food?


What do you get when astronomers play tic-tac-toe?


Thought that one up myself.

What do astronomers use to measure the distance between Earth and the Sun?

Absolute units.

Why do astronomers eat steak before skywatching?

They're hoping for meatier showers

Astronomers have used liquid water as an indicator for planet habitability...

...they might also need to add whether the planet has a Trump elected as president

Ancient astronomers were studying the movement of the moon around the Earth

After doing it for 24 hours they got tired of it and decided to call it a day.

A climber made it to top of Mt Everest. Most were impressed, not astronomers.

They said climb Olympus Mons and send back radio signals. That signal will make us go WOW.

An astronomers wife asks what she can do to make herself look younger

He tells her the farther away you are the younger you look

Astronomers discover a new object bigger than the "Great Attractor"

ur mum

Why don't Astronomers like vegetable soup?

They prefer a meteor soup.

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