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The Best jokes about Asteroids

Why are they called hemorrhoids?

Because asteroids was already taken.

An astronomy teacher prepared two boxes filled with joke cards. The first box was designed with asteroids and the second one with comets. He then let one of this students pick a box...

The student picked the one designed with asteroids. He pick one card and read the joke out loud to the class. The class, however, doesn't find the joke funny. Seeing this, the professor made the student pick another card on the same box. Same thing happened. The confused student look at his teacher and said,

"Sir, I think there is no funny joke in this asteroid box."

The teacher then replied,

"Hmmmm..That's strange. I guess the real joke is in the comets."

What's the secret of a buff alien?


Why was Jupiter banned from competing in the planetary boxing match?

He took asteroids.

Why are hemorrhoids called "hemorrhoids" instead of "asteroids"?

Wouldn't it be more fitting if it was asteroids, I mean think about it instead of being a proctologist you would be a astronaut.

What do astronauts use to enhance their performance?


Why are they called hemorrhoids?

Shouldn't they be called "asteroids"?

I figured it out!

Asteroids are just meteors on steroids

What's the difference between an asteroid and a hemorrhoid?

Asteroids come from the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Hemorrhoids come from somewhere near Uranus.

Which illegal substance does the universe take?


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