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Did you hear what NASA said about the asteroid? [OC]

"No comet."

How did the cavemen survive the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs?

Social distancing, they stayed 56 million years apart.

How does Jupiter hold up it's trousers?

With an Asteroid Belt.

How does our solar system hold its pants up?

With an asteroid belt.

I see Freddie Mercury has had an asteroid named after him.

His surviving family have said how great it is to finally have Freddie immortalized in rock, and really appreciate the sediment.

I started the biggest rock band in the galaxy.

We're called the Asteroid Belt.

Mercury curiously approaches the Sun with a question: "What kind of planet are you?"

I'm not not a planet," the Sun replies.

Amazed and confused Mercury inquires, "Then what are you? An asteroid? A *comet*?"

Already tired of the conversation, the Sun replies curtly, "I'm a motherfuckin' star, boi."

Why did the female asteroid deny her boyfriends marriage proposal?

Because she was scared of comet-ment

What type of dinosaurs roamed the Mediterranean before the asteroid hit?

Falafel Raptors.


what does the solar system use to keep its pants up?

an asteroid belt

Nasa just declared an apocalyptic asteroid is reaching earth in 10 minutes.

Melania: So what do we do?

Donald : Sex?

Melania: What about the remaining 8 minutes?

Why does an asteroid taste better than a comet ?

Because it's meteor

What's the difference between an asteroid and a hemorrhoid?

Asteroids come from the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Hemorrhoids come from somewhere near Uranus.

My wife said she didn't enjoy her asteroid burger.

She said it could have been a little meteor.

Why did the asteroid not get worried when he was flying to the planet?

Because he wanted to meet his Crater.

What do you call a physically enhancing drug that comes from space?


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