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In the World of Punctuation, Asterisks give a party...

In the World of Punctuation, Asterisks give a party.
The party is for Asterisks only, and only Asterisks can enter.
At some time the doorbell rings. One Asterisk opens the door and sees a Dot.
The Asterisk says to the Dot:
"I'm sorry, you cannot enter, this party is for Asterisks only"
And the Dot says: "idiot, it's me! I put gel in my hair!"

Note to self: Never make my password a bunch of little stars.

That would be too much of an asterisk.

"I know what Daddy's password is!"

A child runs happily and says "Mommy! I know what Daddy's password is!"

Mom says: "That's nice dear. What's Daddy's password?"

Child says: It's an easy one! It is asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk !"

Asteriskie_, want to do a Privacy Checkup?

We care about your privacy [...]

β€”The Facebook Privacy Team

What punctuation are you most likely to get the grammar wrong for?


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