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My top 3 assumptions when doorbell rings:

1. Murderer 2. Police telling me everyone is dead 3. That book I ordered about positive thinking

Whenever I go out, I always wear a stethoscope.

That way, in the event of a medical emergency, I can teach people a valuable lesson about assumptions.

People say I make too many assumptions.

I mean, they don't say it, but I know they're thinking it...

I've started wearing a stethoscope around my neck...

So, if there's a medical emergency I get to teach people a valuable lesson about making assumptions based on someone's appearance.

You should never generalize women.

It's wrong to make broad assumptions.

You know what they say about assumptions, right?

They say that they are generally wrong.

When it comes to the topic of body dysmorphia and gender assumptions, i'm not a fan.

Infact I identify more closely to an air conditioning unit.

Rod and Keith, two linguists, are chatting about life...

Rod and Keith, two linguists, are chatting about life when Rod slips in a linguistic pun. Keith is not impressed and points out why the pun was so bad. The conversation continues and Rod tries to deftly insert another pun. Again, without even cracking a smile, Keith starts pointing out all the flaws of the joke. A little while later Rod throws yet another linguistic pun into the conversation, but once again Keith is unimpressed and points out all the erroneous assumptions underlying the pun.

Frustrated, Rod asks Keith "When are you going to stop criticizing my linguistic puns and just let yourself laugh a little?!"

Keith replies "I'll die a critic."

How many points does it take to draw a curve?

According to my engineering professor, just one, but you need to list your assumptions.

Well thats the plan

Exam : Clearly state your assumptions

Me : Assume i've written the correct answer, thank you

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