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A performer is traveling to his next show at night...

When he is stopped by a police officer for a surprise car search. The officer finds that the man has an assortment of blades and sharp weapons. He questions the man about them.

Officer: can you explain the weapons in your car?

Man: weapons? I think you mean my props. I'm a juggler you see.

Officer: oh well is that so? Prove it.

The man proceeds to juggle two blades, then three, then four. Just then, a car drives past. The man in the car turns to his wife and says:

Thank God I gave up drinking! Just look at how they're testing people now!

Researchers rolled an assortment of vegetables down a hill to see which would travel fastest

Stephen Hawking won by a landslide

I got arrested after I asked the blacksmith for an assortment of murder tools.

They say I'm racist and should say African-American smith instead.

My sister made 44 cupcakes with an assortment of red, white, and blue frosting for an Independence Day dinner.

"Why 44?" I asked her. "Because that's the number of real presidents this country has actually had?"

(This actually just happened.)

I made sure I got my wife exactly what she asked for this valentines day.

Hopefully she'll bake something nice with the assortment of flours I bought her.

So, last week I went to Olive Garden

It took us a while to get seated. For some reason it is always busy there, but after 30 minutes we got to our table.
30 minutes!
That's crazy!
So we started to look at the menu. Typical Olive Garden stuff.
And an assortment of other pastas.
But then the waiter came, he asked us, us being me and a friend of mine, if we would want the soup or salad.
So I said "Super Salad? Never had one of those! I'd love a super salad!"

Thank you.

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