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What does NNNNNSSSSSAAAAA stand for?

National Stutterers Association.

Mexican Basketball Association

Why is the Mexican Basketball Association so unpopular?

Beacause it's a Juan on Juan league.

A therapist and his client play a word association game and the therapist asks, "What's the first word that comes to mind after the word 'pork'?"

...he responds, "U pine."

Association joke, A therapist and his client play a word association game and the therapist asks, "What's the first wo


-National Stutter Association.

A customer came into a shop and told the shop assistant that he wanted to buy a Kim Jong-il

Assistant: Excuse me, a what?

Customer: Oh sorry, I have trouble remembering the names of items, so I use word association. I want to buy a short ruler.

Assistant: Oh, a Nicolas Sarkozy. Why didn't you say so?

What is DNA short for?

National Dyslexics Association

Welcome to the plastic surgery addicts association,

Nice to see a lot of new faces here today.

Association joke, Welcome to the plastic surgery addicts association,

What does DNA stand for

National Dyslexia Association.

My wife told me I had to give up drinking

So I joined the AA.
Unfortunately, I joined the Automobile Association by mistake.
At least either way I'm on the road to recovery.

Hi, I'm from the American Medical Association!


I think I'm overcoming dyslexia.

I learned a new abbreviation today: DNA, or National Dyslexic Association.

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Have you heard of the American Philosophical Association?

I'm not sure if it exists or not and neither are they.

What does ADA stand for?

Dyslexic Association of America

Do you support the AAAAA?

You should. The American Association Against the Abuse of Acronyms is a worthy cause.

What does DNA strand for?

National Dyslecsics Association

Why does the bar association prohibit lawyers and clients from having sex?

To prevent clients from being billed twice for the same service.

Association joke, Why does the bar association prohibit lawyers and clients from having sex?

Do you know what DNA is an acronym for?

The National Dyslexia Association

I tried to start a religious social media page called Faithbook...

...but it was deemed offensive by the American Lisp Association.

What do you call a feminist name-choosing association?


Terrorists have taken >500 hostages at the Bar Association annual conference

Unless their demands are met, they'll release one lawyer every hour.

The British Islamic Association has said there is no longer room for extremists within their mosques...

Although a waiting list has been set up.



"Hey everybody I'm from the D.N.A"

The National Dyslexics Association.

I joined the Self-Awareness Association.

No idea why, but I did.

The world tennis association just added lisinopril and high blood pressure medications in the same class to their banned substances list...

Ace inhibitors

I heard the White House Correspondents Association is going to give equal time to a conservative comedian at next year's dinner

I hope a year is long enough to find one.

My only friend said I need to get out more or to join a club.

I did just that.

I'm now the 153rd member of the national association of hermits.

It's great! There aren't even group meetings.

I'm a member of the American Medical Association...


Are you a member of the One Word Sentence Association?


70% of dishes are under-seasoned, according to a recent survey by the seasoning manufacturers' association. Obviously, this is biased.

Take it with a grain of salt.

Do you know what DNA stands for?

National Dyslexic Association

A man walks into a bar...

The local female workers association, eager to prevent this from happening again, raises the bar a little higher.

They keep on hanging up

So yesterday I called a feminist association. I politely asked for the man incharge, they kept hanging up on me.

The Dyslexia Association of America held an organization-wide toga party.

Everyone came dressed as goats.

What do the initials D.S.A.U stand for ?

United States Dyslexic Association

The Washington Redskins finally decided to change their name to get rid of the association with historical racism

They'll now be known as the Arlington Redskins.

I wanted to join the National Mens Association

But got rejected because I was born a broad

Someone told me that DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Does it not stand for National Dyslexic Association?

What do you call a group of Karens?

A Home Owners Association.

What is a large group of Karens called?

A homeowners association


National Dyslexic Association

Why did the dyslexic association of America stop having their meetings at the YMCA?

They all showed up at Macys.

You've reached the answering machine for the tinnitus association

Please leave your message after the beep.

Why is the National Rifle Association filing for bankruptcy?

Because schools are closed.

Where did the blonde with a drinking problem go?

To the Automobiles Association.

A group of dogs is a pack. A group of crows is a murder. What is a group of Karen's?

A Home Owners Association.

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