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The Best jokes about Assless

What do you call a group of men with flat butts?

Assless Chaps

What do you call a bunch of upper-class British gentlemen bereft of donkeys?

Assless Chaps.

What do you call men who don't own donkeys?

Assless chaps

Jeff and Don are singing deck the halls....

When they both suddenly die part way through the song.

They are reincarnated as ass-less chaps. Jeff looks over and says: "Don, we now are gay apparel."

What do you call a couple of flat-butted dudes hanging out together?

A pair of assless chaps.

What do you call a couple of British boys whose butts are chopped off?

A pair of assless chaps

Two englishmen lost their donkey at a fetish convention

What a pair of assless chaps

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