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Top 10 of the Funniest Assistants Jokes and Puns

What do you call assistants that help citrus fruit?


Once I had completed my final exam, my professor told me to turn it in to one of the teaching assistants.

Good thing I have been practicing my origami.

Why are all the personal assistants on smartphones female?

because they have to get women in tech somehow....

Assistants joke, Why are all the personal assistants on smartphones female?

The name of the famous magician that got too handsy with his assistants has been leaked.

David Cop-a-feel.

The first light bulb joke

Thomas Edison walks into the lab one morning to find his lastest attempt at making a light bulb smashed on the floor. He glares at all the lab assistants, but nobody will look him in the eye or admit who was at fault. Finally he exclaimed "OK, how many of you geniuses did it take to screw up this light bulb?"

Five more entertainment assistants scream sexual harassment after beiing fingered by their boss...

....Jeff Dunham

I read a book about pianists' assistants.

It was a real page turner.

Assistants joke, I read a book about pianists' assistants.

Did you hear about the scientist that was struggling to charge his assistants?

They were unionized.

Breaking news! The England team makes the knockout stages!

Together, the Three Lions, Howard Webb and his 2 assistants, have made the knockout stages! Go England!

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