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A man dying of cancer asks his wife if she will re-marry...

Wife: I suppose I will

Husband: Do you think your next husband will drive my truck when I'm gone

Wife: Well, the truck is an asset to the family and helps get chores done so I think so yes.

Husband: That makes sense... what about my clothes? What will you do with them?

Wife: Well, I'd probably donate them to a church or goodwill I think. Maybe I'll keep a shirt or two for their sentimental value.

Husband: Yeah, of course donating them is probably best... what about my golf clubs? Do you think your next husband will use those?

Wife: Of course not, he's left handed.

If you have an expensive picture of water...

Would that mean you have a good liquid asset?

A male donkey is called an ass

A female donkey is called an asset

What did the Accountant say to his employee?

I should capitalise you.....
you are such an asset!

My wife is my property...

but she's a depreciating asset.

How did Jesus feel asset the last supper?

A bit cross.

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