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The Best jokes about Assassins

Why are hipsters such great assassins?

Because they hide the bodies in places no one has ever heard of.

I just saw the Assassins Creed Movie Trailer...

I did not expect The Spanish Inquisition.

Why do clowns hate assassins?

Because they go for the juggler.

Why are assassins so good at dates?

Because they know how to take someone out.

Little known fact: after their supposed death, Pierre and Marie Curie went on to become successful underwater assassins using a certain heavy metal.

Hundreds of people died of mer-Curie poisoning.

I heard due to the pandemic jobs of all types have been affected. Even employment rates for hitmen are down 75 percent...

On the bright side, demand for ninja assassins is through the roof!

How do assassins pay for stuff on the internet?


We, the League of Assassins, shall now vote on where we leave our signature dagger stabbed in our victims.

All in favor? Looks like the eyes have it.

What happens when a killer eats pretzels?

Assassins Crunch

The internet has taught me two things about Brazil

1. Don't go to brazil
2. Two people on a moped are either tourist or assassins

What do you call 2 donkeys boxing

Assassins creed

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