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Top 10 of the Funniest Asian Food Jokes and Puns

I really like ethnic foods, but the one type of asian cuisine I haven't had is North Korean food.

Then again, neither have citizens of North Korea.

Why do Beginner Chefs cook only Asian food?

They need to Wok before they can run.

Making Asian food is easy...

It's a WOK in the park

What's an Asian cannibal's favorite food?


It's strange disliking Chinese food while having an Asian Fetish

I'd like to eat out Chinese but I hate eating out Chinese

Where does asian food go to fight to the death?

The Ramen Colosseum.

Which is the best Asian food, Vietnamese or Chinese?

It's a Thai.

What kind of food loves to get naked?

A n00dle.

P.S : probably funnier to Asians like me.

I love my neighbor's asian food

She pays me to walk him, and he's so fluffy and adorable

Asian stereotype joke

An Asian man walks up to a fast food restaurant for takeout.
He says "Flied lice please."
He leaves but comes back a minute later
"This is fried rice, I ordered flied lice."

What do you call a Japanese person delivering sea food pizza?


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Why do everyone suddenly invest in Asian food stocks?

Because they're on the rice

Did you hear about the Asian guy eating uncooked food?

One could say he was...

Raw doggin' it

My wife enrolled in a North Korean cooking school 2 years ago.

"She must cook great Asian food by now."

"Actually, they've only just covered the life and teachings of Kim Jong-il."

What's a Southeastern Asian business professional's favorite food?

Tie food

Some new friends of mine were looking through the photos on my phone...

They saw a ton of pictures of food, and the occasional pictures of my dog. And then they asked if I was Asian!

What does a moth eat when it wants Asian food?

Plaid tie.

White people do make weirder food than Asians

The Chinese just put minced pork in dough and called it dumplings, but Germans just HAD to use pig intestines

What do you call an Irish woman that accidentally poisons people with her Asian cuisine?

Thai food Mary.

I'm opening a Russian/Asian fusion restaurant.

It's just Asian food but halfway through your meal you get smoked with nerve gas.

What's a southeast asian's favorite food?

Agent orange chicken

Why are there so many cat photos online?

Because Asians love to take a photo of their food before eating.

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