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Funniest Asian Eye Short Jokes

Short asian eye jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The asian eye humour may include short chinese eye jokes also.

  1. A Jewish man walks up to an Asian man... The Jewish man says
    "Hey, your eyes are really squinted, must be hard for you to see, huh!"
    The Asian man says
    "Well at least I can see my grandparents."
  2. Asian guy goes to a eye doctor After the checkup the doctor says "The problem is you have a cataract" then the Asian guy responds with"No I have a tesra"
  3. An Asian man goes to the eye doctor The eye doctor says, "Sir, you have a cataract".
    And the Asian man says, "No, I have a Rincoln Contirental".
  4. What did the Asian man say to his wife when the hospital nursery tried to send them home with a blonde hair, blue-eye baby? Hmmm... two Wongs don't make a white.
  5. My Asian friend tried being white on his Oculus Rift He said it was a very eye-opening experience
  6. My eyes are fine but I still failed my eye exams... I guess I shouldn't have copied off the asian guy.
  7. The Asian man got bad news from his eye doctor The doctor told him he had a cataract.
    The Asian man replied, "No I dwive a Wincoln!"
  8. I had surgery to change myself from Asian to Caucasian. It was a real eye opening experience
  9. Asian restaraunt Waitress: what would you like?
    Man: I would like a bowl of chili.
    Waitress: But sir, this is a chinese restraunt.
    Man : oh im so sorry. ( Squints eyes)
    I would rike a bowl of chiri
  10. An asian man goes to the eye doctor... Doctor: "Sir you have cataracts."
    Asian man: "No I drive a honda."

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Asian Eye One Liners

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  1. What do you call an asian with no eyes? Asan
  2. How to be an asian... Just squint your eyes and say "We all how smaw deek" out loud.
  3. What do you call an Asian wearing contacts? Customization. GET IT?? CUSTOM EYES ASIAN!!!
  4. I told my asian friend the earth was flat 3 times now He still hasn't opened his eyes.
  5. What do you call an Asian with crusty eyes? A crustacean.
    I'll show myself out...
  6. What do you call aliens without eyes? Asians
  7. What do Asians use to cover their eyes? Dental floss
  8. Asian's pets Asian's eyes don't water when their pets die, their mouths do.
  9. How do you blindfold an asian You put a piece of floss over their eyes
  10. What do you call an Asian person with sleep in their eyes? A crust-asian
  11. How can you tell what type of Asian someone is? Look at the angle of their eyes
  12. Asians are so good at math... ... they can do it with their eyes closed.
  13. Why are Asians eyes so squinted? Because the A-Bomb was so bright
  14. How do you blindfold an Asian person? You put floss over his eyes.
  15. What walks on two legs, sees with two eyes, and is good at math? An asian

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Why do asians have such s**... eyes?

Because atomic bombs are pretty bright.

My Dad told me this one today

An Asian man goes to the eye doctor,
The doctor tells him "You have a cataract",
The man says "No, I drive a Rincoln."
My dad told this one to me today and just thought it was hilarious

Asian eye problems

So a Chinese man is having trouble with one of his eyes and goes to see the optometrist. When the testing is over, the optometrist tells the man, "I'm sorry, you have a cataract" in which the Chinese man replies "No I dont! I have a rinkoln continental!"

Cataract Surgery

An Asian man walks into the eye doctor for a check up, the doctor asks, "Do you have Cataracts?"
The Asian man replies, "No, me have Hondas."

Why do Asians have s**... eyes?

because their future is so bright

An Asian man goes to the eye doctor and the doctor says "Sir, I'm sorry to say but you have a Cataract"...

The Asian man turns to the doctor and says "No, I have uh Rincoln Continentar"

Turns out being a conspiracy theorist and having Asian friends don't go so well together.

You can only shout "OPEN YOUR EYES!" so many times before someone gets offended.

Why are Asian people's eyes s**...?

Because nukes are really bright.

r**... give head so good

I even heard of this Asian guy whose eyes bulged out after.

No matter how good are you doing something

There's always an asian that can do it with eyes closed.
With love,
An auto-racist Asian

Three men walk into a store

The first is a black man, the second is a white man, and the third is an Asian man. They wander the aisles for a few minutes browsing, and quickly noticed the shop keepers keeping a careful eye on the black and Asian men. Later when they left they began complaining
"I can't believe they did!"
Said the black man
"I know! How terrible!"
Said the Asian man. Then the white man said
"Don't worry, I stole enough for all of us"

How do you turn a Russian into an Asian?

Spray paint them yellow, put their eyes towards the sun, and punch them in the gut so they scream, NEE!

If Asians are so smart than why did they fail the math test

If you thought it had to do something about their eyes your racist it's because there can be less intelligent Asians we are all the same

You can't tell if an asian person is asleep or not

Because their eyes are closed all the time

Asian people don't like it when others make fun of their eyes

They just can't see how funny it is.

I was at the supermarket, looked three freezers down and saw the most beautiful b**... blonde picking out Asian dinners. I took a quick glance at her hand and saw no wedding ring! Well, as you can imagine, I promptly did what any virile, red-blooded man would do with this opportunity...

I got really nervous, said absolutely nothing, and strictly avoided eye-contact at all costs...

My Asian eye doctor

Since I am half-Chinese and half-Filipino, and in recognition of AAPI month, I shall relate what happened visiting the eye doctor. I had been having trouble seeing while driving, so I went to my eye doctor, who happens to be Asian like me. He did the usual things, the eye charts, peering into my eyes, glaucoma test, etc. Finally, he sat back and said, "I know why you have trouble seeing while driving. You have a cataract."
"Bad guess, doc," I replied. "I have a Mercedes."

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