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How do you trap an elephant?

Start by digging a big hole in the ground then fill it with ashes. Take some peanuts and place them around the edge of the hole. When the elephant comes to eat the peanuts, kick him in the ash-hole.

How to Catch a Bear.

Have you ever wanted to catch a bear? If you have, there are 4 simple steps to follow.

Step 1) Dig a big hole to catch the bear in.

Step 2) Cover the bottom of the hole in ashes so the bear doesn't get hurt when it falls in the hole.

Step 3) Sprinkle berries around the ring of the hole, because bears love berries.

Step 4) When the bear comes to eat the berries, kick it in the ash-hole.

How to catch an elephant

Dig a hole big enough for an elephant. Fill it with loose ash and cover it with frozen peas as bait. Then when he comes up to take a pea, you kick him in the ash-hole.

How do you catch a bear?

First, dig a large bear-sized hole. Then, burn up some paper and fill the hole with ash. Lastly, kick the bear in the ash-hole.

What do you call a mean person who fell in a pit created by a volcano?


How do you catch a bear?

1. Dig a big hole
2. Fill the hole with ash
3. Place peas all around the hole
4. Finally, when the bear stops to take a pea you kick it in the ash-hole

How do you trap an elephant?

You dig a hole, put peanuts around it and ash inside it and when the elephant gets close you kick him in the ash-hole.

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