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The Best jokes about Asexual

I told my Asian parents that i am Asexual

They were disappointed that i wasn't A+sexual.

How many asexuals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Trick question: asexuals don't screw anything.

What's an asexual person's favorite thing to do in the bedroom?

Fuckin' nothin'.

Five asexual people are playing cards

One of them starts to explain the rules and then he pauses and says
I would say no cheating but there's already five aces at the table

I wouldn't call my marriage a sexual marriage

But I'd certainly call it asexual marriage.

When is Asexual Pride Month?

Every month if you're married.

Some people are asexual

The rest be sexual

Asexual Reproduction.

I never really understood the appeal of asexual reproduction. But, You do you, I guess.

Asexual reproduction is reproduction with only one party

And lots of alcohol and bad decisions

I just found I'm asexual...

I'm just looking for A person to be sexual with

Zombies are categorically asexual

as they are more interested in taking head than giving head.

My friend came out as Asexual the other day, he wanted to see how I felt about it

I told him, it was "A-Okay."

What do you call an asexual communist?

A no turn-on red.

What do you call someone exclusively attracted to college professors?


An asexual lawyer

Otherwise known as an ace attorney.

Where can you find an asexual person?

You can't. They ain't fuckin' anywhere.

My boyfriend just told me he's asexual

I'm not taking it hard.

I came out to my girlfriend as a hetroromantic asexual.

She said I could work on the romantic part.

I have an uncle who is asexual

and b) gay

Did you hear about the broken, asexual light bulb?

Nothing turns it on.

i caught my asexual girlfriend cheating on me with my bestfriend

i walked in on them doing nothing

Homework should be asexual...

so it would do itself.

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