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The Best jokes about Asbestos

How should a doctor treat a patient with Mesothelioma?

Asbestos he can.

I told my friend with mesothelioma to get well soon.

He told me he was trying asbestos he could.

How is the 85 year old Contractor that survived lung cancer doing?

Asbestos he can.

I'm so sorry.

How do people live with Mesothelioma?

Asbestos they can

My friend told me he has developed a lung disease...

I told him to explain it to me asbestos he can.

What did the mesothelioma patient say to his doctor?

I'm breathing asbestos I can!

I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma

it's tough sometimes, but I'm doing asbestos I can.

What's the only thing worse than asbestos?


Someone asked me about minerals that are long term contributors to lung cancer the other day,

I just answered asbestos I could.

So a mesothelioma patient competed in the Olympics last year

She didn't win anything, but she did asbestos she could.

We shouldn't be too hard on people who use toxic building materials.

They did asbestos they could.

Some people passed away from toxic fumes in the apartments I constructed.

I was just making the ceilings asbestos I could.

I was afraid my ceiling would give me cancer....

So I cleaned it asbestos I could

My grandpa just died of lung cancer...

He fought it asbestos he could.

I made a donation to mesothelioma research.

They're kinda limited on funding and doing asbestos they can.

I'm doing asbestos I can..

dealing with mesothelioma.

What did the cancerous contractor say to his apprentice?

Avoid the insulation asbestos you can.

If you meet someone with Mesothelioma, show them some support.

They're doing asbestos they can.

What did the construction worker say when people complained that his building didn't meet code?

"I did asbestos I could."

What did the terminally-ill dock worker say about his health care?

"It's asbestos could be."

How did the cancer patient battle mesothelioma?

Asbestos he could!

What did the optimist say to his doctor when he found out he had lung cancer?

"Well, I'll deal with this asbestos I can!"

Why did people use insulation containing deadly toxins?

It was asbestos they could do at the time!

I got painful coughs while renovating a home... obviously the condition of the home isn't asbestos it could be.

Old fire fighters never quit

They just do asbestos they can.

I feel bad for old buildings that are about to get torn down.

They're working asbestos they can :(

What did the doctor say to the Mesothelioma patient?

There's not much I can do, but I'll do asbestos I can!

I found carcinogenic pieces of flooring around my house

I try to clean them out asbestos I can

I heard in the news that thay've found harmful materials in cosmetics and childrens crayons, but in the defense of the big corporations...

They're doing asbestos they can.

A couple called our company to remove some cancerous silicate minerals in their insulated home

I'll try to remove them Asbestos I can

It's hard to live with mesothelioma.

I'm doing asbestos I can.

Did you hear about the wall insulation trying his hardest?

You could say he was doing... asbestos he can

My safety supervisor asked me why I wasn't done filing the hazardous material documents...

I told him I was doing asbestos I can

I like my women like I like my asbestos

Properly removed from my house

Did you hear about the guy with mesothelioma?

The doctor said, "Take a deep breath," and he said, "I'm trying **asbestos** I can!"

As a programmer I made the AsbestOS.

Reliability was its killing feature.

In my opinion, Asbestos is still the best insulation.

I was born inhaling Asbestos, and I'll die inhaling Asbestos.

Why did the disease win the fashion contest?

Because it dressed asbestos possible

How do Mesothelioma victims cope with their disease?

Asbestos they can

How do you reduce the risk of mesothelioma?

You take caution when using insulation asbestos you can

An old couple lay dying of cancer

The wife turns to the husband and says "I have a confession to make. For years I switched the sugar in your coffee with powdered asbestos."

A tear comes to the husband's eyes he replies that he too has a confession to make. "I switched our coffees because you loved sweets. This tumor is hereditary."

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