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Can you put a pin back in a grenade?

no really guys I need an answer ASAP

When one door closes, another one opens.

I gotta get my car fixed ASAP.

I need a stupid joke about an animal, asap!

Help me make this girl at work smile. She loves stupid jokes about animals.

Asap joke, I need a stupid joke about an animal, asap!

I went to the Opticians today and at the end she asked if I was married or in a relationship...

I said "yes I am, why?"

She said "Well your eyes are fine but your girlfriend needs to come in for a checkup ASAP!"

What do you do when you're in a busy city and you need to take a huge dump?

First things first, you find a decent plastic bag asap.
Then, you need to takes your pants off and be in a squat.
Take the plastic bag.........

put it over your head so that people don't see your face.

I need your best Scottish joke, asap! Scottish stepdad's birthday today.

I need a good Scottish joke or two to make fun of his primitive Tartan wearin' bagpipe blowin' and Braveheart barbarian culture.

Preferably, the joke will make fun of Scots as a bunch of useless drunkards subjugated by the English.

This is becoming a bit of a birthday tradition so give me your best!

So my wife came to me and yelled , We need to fix this relationship ASAP!

I took action and I brought home divorce papers.

Asap joke, So my wife came to me and yelled , We need to fix this relationship ASAP!

If you want a tree to do something quickly what do you tell it?


Please help me. I've looked all over but still can't find it.

If anyone finds my will to live, please return it asap.

How many blondes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Seriously, how many blondes? Need to know ASAP.






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Went to the Doc and he says you're going to have to stop masturbating ASAP!

I said why on earth is that !? The doc says because you're in my office!


A friend of mine on chat.

Friend: (with a hurry) What does ASAP means ?

Me: As Soon As possible.

Friend: yeah, tell me as soon as possible.


You want to urge someone to do something ASAP, when do you use "come to" instead of "come on"?

come to me...

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