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The Best jokes about Asalted

Two pretzels were walking down the street...

and one was a-salted.

Why did the slug die after being mugged?

He was a-salted.


Two peanuts walked down the street. One was aSALTed.

Why did the pretzel file a police report?

He was a-salted

Why are peanuts afraid of going out?

They're afraid of getting a-salted

A peanut was walking down a dark alley

He got a-salted

Why was the peanut rushed to the hospital?

He was a"salted"

Did you hear about the peanut in Central Park?

It was a-salted.

What did the french fry say to the police officer?

Help me! I've been a-salted!

There was a fight in the Fish and Chip shop the other day

The fish got *battered* and the chip got *a-salted*.

When you make chips from potatoes, those potatoes are brutally a-salted.

What did the Italian guy say, when he got covered with seasoning?

I've been a-salted!

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