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Funny Aryan Jokes and Puns

I met this european guy last night who claimed he was a well endowed white supremacist

Well, he said he was a hung aryan

Who does Hitler call when his dog is sick?

A Veteran Aryan

What would Hitler be called if he entered into Japan unlawfully?

An illegal Aryan.

I was bitten by a Great White at a Florida beach.

I mean, he used the phrase "Aryan Superior," but either way that was one coked-out skinhead.

My friend was bitten by a Great White at the beach.

Well, he used the term "Superior Aryan," but either way he was one crazy ass skinhead.

What is the favorite Christmas Carol of the Aryan brotherhood?

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

What was Hitler's favorite color to use when painting?

Aryan white.

What did the blonde haired, blue eyed soldier become when he left the army?

A veteran aryan.

What do you call someone who only eats the purest of vegetables?

A veggie aryan.

What do you call an animal doctor who formerly served in the German army?

A Veteran Aryan Veterinarian.

I asked a blonde haired, blue eyed soldier what he wanted to do after the military...

He said he just wants to get back home.

He wants to be a veteran aryan.

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Forgive me for this one

A German soldier who loves animals can't decide what to do after WWII. His friend says, Otto, it's easy to figure out. You're a Veteran Aryan.

What do you call a track meet full of blond people?

The Aryan Race.

What do you call an airline run by nazis?

Aryan Air

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