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My doctor constantly says I'm artistic.

I don't know why he keeps mispronouncing it, though

I didn't think I was any good at drawing until my parents took me to see the doctor

Anyone else on the artistic spectrum?

Double standards are not fair!

When miley cirus gets naked and licks hammers its beautiful and artistic, but when I do it its weird, creepy and I get a life time ban from Ikea.

I'm bad at reading social cues, can't make eye contact, am really good at drawing, and don't pick up on sarcasm...

I think I might be artistic.

My parents always said I was artistic.

They were very modest, so they only ever whispered it to each other.

My teacher told me my drawing was pretty good,

I told her I know. My mom always told me I was borderline artistic.

A dyslexic friend recently got vaccinated.

Now she's artistic!

Why are anti-vaxxers so terrible at painting and sculpture?

Because vaccines can cause you to be artistic.


Q: What did Queen Isabelle say to an artistic nobleman?
A: "Jacque, paint me like one of your French churls."

Reporters asked Harrison Ford's wife if she thought he was too old to fly

She said the crash was so well handled it was like an artistic performance.


"Calista Flockhart to Call His Tough Luck 'Art'"

I don't like to do art...

But my friends always call me artistic for some reason.

Someone made Bob Ross mad

*artistic screeching*

I'd consider myself an artistic fetishist

I go hard in the paint.

I work with an autistic kid. The other day I drew something terribly on the computer screen and told him I'm artistic

He said me too I'm on the spectrum.

Why are lefties more artistic and less wordy?

They don't like righting!

What do you call a artistic atomic nucleus?


Some people have argued the artistic legitimacy of drawing borders.

It's almost there.

I think it's borderline art.

My kid keeps painting lots of bar graphs and lines...

I'm worried he is artistic!

Where is the only place engineers are considered artistic?


It turns out that I am really good at drawing..

Well,at least the doctor said so,as he spoke in a British accent about how I am artistic..

If artistic people make art...

Do autistic people make aut?

Apparently many people get all of their artistic inspiration from pot.

I wouldn't follow in their footsteps. They seem highly sketchy.

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