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History teaches us that people developed their last names in ancient times for doing what they were known for in a village.

If, for example, your last name is "Smith" then chances are your family line had some artisan blacksmiths to boot.

I wonder what the last name "Dickinson" meant for people back in those days?

What do cops and simple artisan bread have in common?

Not kneaded

They say Luis Fonsi started his own artisan donut shop recently, he specializes in habanero flavored donuts

When asked for his recipe, he just said they were made with the spicy dough

A friend told me he started selling artisan home-distilled fermented grain mash on etsy...

I replied, "Sounds like a whiskey buisness."

I've spent far to long at this artisan patisserie so I'm going to leave.

Good pie!

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