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The Best jokes about Artillery

Obama and a general are discussing how to attack ISIS

Obama: We need to get boots on the ground to attack them. Send in soldiers, artillery, and trucks.

General: You are forgetting something important sir.

Obama: No I am not.

General: Tanks, Obama.

They call me the Mary Poppins of artillery...

I deliver...


How is an accordion like an artillery shell?

Once you hear it, it's already too late.

Sports Teams should be named for what their city is famous for

For example: Dallas is known for cowboys, San Francisco was the place for the miners, 49ers, to bring their gold and claims, Islignton was famous as being home of the Artillery Regiment, thus "Arsenal," Milwauke HAD brewing.

Washington should change their name to "Senators," and Cleveland could become the "Steamers."

What's the similarity between artillery drills and political debates

"Cover ears, open mouth"

(X post) An artillery captain was made a saint by the Catholic Church.

One could say he was cannonized.

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