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Which article of clothing is the most ghetto?

A Hoodie.

Articles insulting sociopaths are offensive

If I had feelings they would be really hurt.

I saw an article that said annoying people have a great sense of humor.

I found that really funny because- oh.

What article of clothing is round and rubbery?


Article on the future of L.A. rapper "Post Malone" was withdrawn from print by local mail service.


Post on post-Post Malone's career and goals was postponed from posting by postal service.

Did anybody see the article about the leopard whose fur was bleached solid white?

It was recently spotted

What article of clothing helps you when your sick?


Artic joke, What article of clothing helps you when your sick?

I saw an article this morning in the newspaper about a psychic who was publicly exposed to be a fake at one of his shows

He didn't see it coming...

What does article of clothing does a puppy wear to stay warm?

A scARF!

Article adjective noun verb preposition proper noun...

Pronoun verb article adjective ableist slur!

Articles of Impeachment

The selection of clothing a cosplayer uses to dress up like Princess Peach.

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What did the Equator say to the Artic Circle?

"I don't like your lattitude."

Article 13

That's the whole joke. That's all I could come up with. I'll be here all week make sure to tip your waiter

My article on chickens was very well received.

It might win the pullet-ser prize.

What I say when I come across a article on other website

What sound do clocks make at the North Pole?


Artic joke, What sound do clocks make at the North Pole?

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