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All girls are squirters..

Just have to know which artery to severe.

The doctors rushed quickly to remove the bullet which was lodged in his artery...

But it turns out it was all in vain

I was rushed to hospital after being stabbed in the neck with a root vegetable...

Surgeons had to act fast to fix my carrot-ed artery.

What did the doctor say about the organ donor which died from a clotted artery?

"at least his death wasn't in vein"

I have my own tunnel of love!

Other people call it a severely clogged artery, but I don't care.

What did the angry artery say to the annoying vein?

Why Aorta!

I own a store that sells crafts painted with blood

It's called the Artery

Artery joke, I own a store that sells crafts painted with blood

If you draw a blood vessel,

are you practicing artery?

What do you call a blood vessel with a carrot jammed into it?

A carroted artery.

Doctor: I'm afraid you have a blockage in your coronary artery

Patient: Is that to do with the heart
Doctor: Yes
Patient: Ah, aorta know that

I've come up with a sure-fire way of making any woman a squirter.

Cut an artery

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What did the Jewish Vampire say when he missed the artery?

Ok Vein!

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