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I went to an Art Gallery, it was $60 to enter and $80 to look at each picture.

It was called Electronic Arts.

A struggling artist gets his first painting in to an art gallery

A struggling artist gets his first painting in to an art gallery. An art critic approaches him:

-Would you like to hear my professional opinion on your painting?


-It's pretty much worthless.

-I don't mind, you can tell me anyway.

An Englishman, a Frenchman, and a Russian are in an art gallery

They are looking at a painting of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

"Look at how reserved and calm they are," the Englishman says, "they would definitely be English."

"They are n**... and beautiful, they would have to be French." The Frenchmen counters.

The Russian speaks up, "no clothes, no shelter, no bed, they have only an apple between them, and they're told this is paradise. They are certainly Russian."

I visited an art gallery.

"Absolutely gorgeous, don't you think?" I asked the fellow next to me. "The way the yellow combines with the grey...the way the colours intertwine. Truly beautiful."

He slowly stepped away from the u**... and left.

I was at an art gallery.

"Absolutely beautiful, isn't it?" I asked the guy next to me. "The way the yellow combines with the grey. The way the colours intertwine. Truly remarkable."

He stepped away from the u**... and left.

A critic goes to an art gallery and finds the artist of the pieces there.

Critic: "Would you like to know what I think of your art?"
Artist: "Oh, yes please"
Critic: "It's useless"
Artist: "I know, but I would still like to hear it. "

Art Gallery n**...

A couple at an art gallery see a picture of a n**... woman with only her privates covered with leaves.

The wife doesn't like it and moves on, but the husband keeps looking.

She asks, "What are you waiting for?"

He replies, "Autumn."

I was once in an art gallery once looking at a painting of Margaret Thatcher in a bikini ...

a security guard wandered over to me and said sir you can't wear that in here


A couple goes to an art gallery. They find a picture of a n**... women with only her privates covered with leaves.

The wife doesn't like it and moves on but the husband keeps looking.

The wife asks, "What are you waiting for?"

The husband replies, "Autumn."

Did you hear about the magician who made an entire art gallery disappear?

Now museum, now you don't

An artist takes his work to a gallery for the first time.

A well-known art critic happens to be there and spots the painting. He walks over to the young artist.

"Excuse me, would you like my opinion of your painting?"

"Sure," replied the artist.

"Frankly, it's completely worthless."

"I know, but tell it to me anyway."

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The thief pulled out his gun, pointed it at the art gallery manager and said

"This is a robbery, give me all your monet!"

Visiting the origami art gallery was really expensive

It was pay per view

I was walking around an art gallery with my wife.

"Does anything in this room get you excited?" she said, with a cheeky wink.

I said, "Yes, some of the paintings."

A blind thief decided to rob an art gallery

Ended up stealing an evacuation plan

A woman goes into an art gallery and sees two still-life pictures. Both are of a table laid for lunch with a glass of wine, a basket of bread rolls and a plate of sliced ham. However, one picture is selling for $75 and the other for $100.

Curious, she goes to the gallery owner and asks him what the difference is between the two pictures. The owner points at the $100 painting and says, You get more ham with that one.

Why did the console gamer faint when they visited the art gallery

There were too many frames

Karen visits an art gallery

Karen: I suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call modern art?

Art dealer: I beg your pardon Ma'am, that is a mirror.

Why did the console player get sick in the art gallery?

There were too many frames.

The Canadian Opera Company has announced that it will play a special concert series at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

They say that this will be the first time the COC has played in the v**....

'I love your paintings'

Someone in an art gallery


a Jamaican in a b**... shop.

Why did the console peasant faint at the art gallery

There were too many frames

A musical canon piece is currently being hung from the art gallery ceiling for all to see.

We tried asking a worker for directions, but he was too busy hanging a round.

"Alright guys, we have lots of pictures to mount before the art gallery tonight. Like I said in the email, we'll have to use these adhesive hooks. Under no circumstances will you p**... the wall with nails or screws. Tim, I've noticed you've already hung one picture. Great job.

Tim (hiding his drill and muttering under his breath): welp.. I s**... that up.

I went for a job interview in a Art Gallery today, but the interviewers seemed to hate everything about me.

I didn't really paint a good picture of myself.

You tell your friend that you once viewed an art gallery with 100's of paintings, in a mere second

Friend: "You're lying"

You: "Haha why?"

Friend: "The human eye can only see 60 frames per second"

I don't go to art galleries.

I just don't see anything in them.

In my job, I'm surrounded by f**..., rats and v**... all day long.

I hate working in a modern art gallery.

At an art gallery, a woman and her ten-year-old son were having a tough time choosing between one of my paintings and another artist's work.

They finally went with mine.

"I guess you decided you prefer an autumn scene to a floral," I said.

"No," said the boy. "Your painting's wider, so it'll cover three holes in our wall."

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