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An arsonist is hired to burn down a slaughterhouse...

The job was well done.

Why did the arsonist go to the gym?

To burn some calories.

What do you call a s**... Arsonist?

A Highlighter.

What's a good way to tell if someone is an arsonist?

They don't blow out the candles on their birthday cake.

What does a arsonist and a bartender have in common?

For special occasions, their cocktails are on the house.

Why did the arsonist quit starting fires?

He got burned out.

You shouldn't have an arsonist play sports.

I hear they're always throwing matches.

Arsonist joke, You shouldn't have an arsonist play sports.

What do you call a Greek arsonist?

A πρ

What do arsonists and electricity have in common?

They both light up buildings

A man walks into a bar

His name is Nathan Abe (initials NA) and he is firefighter, a second later a arsonist girl named Clair Laurence (initials CL)walks into the bar. The two start to hit it off. Eventually they go home together, the next day the mans mom calls. She asks about love life. He says, "its kind of ironic bond".

I grew up thinking my dad was a fireman

Then I realised he was just an arsonist

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I'm watching the horrific pictures of the US Wild Fires in Bel-Air.

They believe it was started by an Arsonist.

They are dusting for fresh prints.
Too soon???????

Why did the arsonist joined tinder?

To see if he could get a match.

I chuckled at this one

Suicidal arsonist burned at the stake.

The room always lit up when our friend Steve walked in

He's a convicted arsonist.

What did the Jewish arsonist order from the bar?

a mazel tov cocktail

Arsonist joke, What did the Jewish arsonist order from the bar?

What do you say to a serial arsonist that just got away clean?


What makes an arsonist a great dinner guest?

They light up the room.

How does one French arsonist flirt with another one?

"Voulez-vous brΓ»ler avec moi ce soir?"

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