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"Dad. Are we pyromaniacs?"

"Yes, we arson."

Police officer: "I'm here to inform you that your son burned down the school"

Parents: "arson?"

Police officer: "yes, your son"

Honey, I accidentally set your son on fire!

Just kidding, it's not your son, it's arson.

What did the pyromaniacs say when their kid told them he wanted to be a firefighter?


Dad, are we a family of arsonists?

Yes, yes we arson.

Yeah the gender reveal started a wildfire...

... but we did it for ar-son!

Principal: Sorry for calling you in, but your son set the school on fire.

Parents: Arson?

Principal: Yes, your son.

What did the fire couple name their son?


An arsonist is hired to burn down a slaughterhouse...

The job was well done.

Why did the arsonist go to the gym?

To burn some calories.

What did the lighter say to his wife when their kid burnt a house down?

"Hey, at least now we surely know that he's arson."

Threw my new neighbors a house-warming party...

The police called it arson. Whatever...

What does a arsonist and a bartender have in common?

For special occasions, their cocktails are on the house.

Dad, are we breaking the law by starting all these fires?

Yes, we arson.

Why did the arsonist quit starting fires?

He got burned out.

A man had an affair with a school secretary.

A man had an affair with a school secretary. A few years later, the secretary got the wrong number and called the man...

Sir, I'm sorry to inform you of this, but your child has committed a serious crime on school ground.

Oh no, the man replied. Was it arson?

After burning a building, a son asks his father

"Are we pyromaniacs, Dad?". The father replies, "Yes, we arson"

After a terrible fire that brought down their home, a man and his wife were grasping for answers

"Do you think it was arson?", she said.

"Which one?", he replied.

After our house burnt down, the police said it could be someone we know...

My wife and I had one question. "Could it be arson?"

But your honor, I didn't mean to hurt anyone when I was playing with fire.

I was just arson around!

You know what bothers me about arson?

He's never doing his homework.


A Pirate's son to his dad "what is it we say when we burn down an enemy ship?"

It's ARson.

What did the parents say when they forgot someone in their burning house?


That booty's on Fire

I guess you could say its arson

Police: I'm sorry for the both of you.

Police: Your son set the school on fire.

Parents: Arson?

Police: Yes, your son.

They call me the battery

Because I'm charged with 17 accounts of murder, 67 accounts of kidnapping and 326 accounts of aggravated and first degree arson.

Why did the baker get charged with arson?

Because he was skilled with pie roll techniques.

Why did the arsonist joined tinder?

To see if he could get a match.

My lad got arrested for setting a house on fire...

the police told me it was arson.

A police officer calls two parents...

"I'm sorry, but your child was caught setting fire to a building yesterday evening."

"No, not arson!"

Why does Germany pay reparations to Israel?

Arson insurance fraud.

What's the difference between tennis and arson?

In tennis, it's game set match. In arson, it's set match run.

I have a superpower that lets me leave 5m before a fire starts...

Its called arson

I divorced my wife because she went psycho and burned the house down.

But don't worry. Arson is doing fine.

Arson is a guy.

I though Arson was a guy.

The news would say , "Arson is suspected".

And I was like, "Another one ! They gotta catch this guy."

The cops suspected that the fire that destroyed our house was intentional.

My wife had one question for me: Could it be arson?

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