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You know what bothers me about arson?

He's never doing his homework.


Why did the arsonist go to the gym?

To burn some calories.

Threw my new neighbors a house-warming party...

The police called it arson. Whatever...

After our house burnt down, the police said it could be someone we know...

My wife and I had one question. "Could it be arson?"

jokes about arson

An arsonist is hired to burn down a slaughterhouse...

The job was well done.

What does a arsonist and a bartender have in common?

For special occasions, their cocktails are on the house.

After a terrible fire that brought down their home, a man and his wife were grasping for answers

"Do you think it was arson?", she said.

"Which one?", he replied.

Arson joke, After a terrible fire that brought down their home, a man and his wife were grasping for answers

Why did the arsonist quit starting fires?

He got burned out.

What did the lighter say to his wife when their kid burnt a house down?

"Hey, at least now we surely know that he's arson."

What did the fire couple name their son?


Dad, are we a family of arsonists?

Yes, yes we arson.

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"Dad. Are we pyromaniacs?"

"Yes, we arson."

After burning a building, a son asks his father

"Are we pyromaniacs, Dad?". The father replies, "Yes, we arson"

What did the pyromaniacs say when their kid told them he wanted to be a firefighter?


Police officer: "I'm here to inform you that your son burned down the school"

Parents: "arson?"

Police officer: "yes, your son"

Principal: Sorry for calling you in, but your son set the school on fire.

Parents: Arson?

Principal: Yes, your son.

Arson joke, Principal: Sorry for calling you in, but your son set the school on fire.

Honey, I accidentally set your son on fire!

Just kidding, it's not your son, it's arson.

Dad, are we breaking the law by starting all these fires?

Yes, we arson.

Yeah the gender reveal started a wildfire...

... but we did it for ar-son!

A man had an affair with a school secretary.

A man had an affair with a school secretary. A few years later, the secretary got the wrong number and called the man...

Sir, I'm sorry to inform you of this, but your child has committed a serious crime on school ground.

Oh no, the man replied. Was it arson?

What do arsonists and electricity have in common?

They both light up buildings

I have a friend named Arson!

His name is actually Carson, but we call him that because he's blind

A woman gives birth to a boy...

Husband: I know what we should name him.

Wife: What?

Husband: 'Setting a house on fire'

Wife: What? Why?

Husband: Because he is arson.

My son asked me if we were all pyromaniacs.

I said, "we arson."

What did the father gasoline say to his wife gasoline about their son that was setting cars ablaze?

That's arson.

You shouldn't have an arsonist play sports.

I hear they're always throwing matches.

Arson joke, You shouldn't have an arsonist play sports.

Dad I burnt the school down, am I in trouble?

"You arson."

What do parents say when the find out their son got arrested for setting a building on fire

That's arson!

A kid decided to burn his house down.

His dad watched, tears in his eyes. He put his arm around the mom and said, "That's arson."

What did the daddy fire say to the mommy fire when their child graduated?

"That's ar-son"

My friend committed arson at a gas station and is now locked inside. I fear for his soul.

I think he will surely burn in Shell.

My kid asked if we are a bunch of pyromaniacs

I said, "yes, we arson."

Honey, your son said he's thinking of burning down the neighbor's house!!

You mean, arson?

(I probably coulda worded it better, but you see where I'm going with it at least)

Today my son asked me, Dad are we pyromaniacs?

I replied: yes, we arson.

My wife called me to tell me my son was caught for setting a house on fire

I corrected her by saying, Arson

I've been told by people I light up a room

According to police it's called arson and those people are "witnesses"

"Did you know your son lit the barn on fire!?!"

You mean "arson"?

me and my pyromaniac wife have a child

He is arson

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