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The Best jokes about Arses

A teacher is asking children how their weekend went...

And young Johnny said, "It was great, Miss! Me and my Dad went to the outback! We stuck big sticks of dynamite up cane toads' arses!"

The teacher replies, "Johnny! The correct term is 'rectum'."

"That's right, Miss! Wrecked 'em! Blew 'em to bits!"

The Tories,

The Tories, with ageing voters and falling membership are worried about being "left behind". Why?

They're already right arses.

If they get left behind as well they can be complete arses.

Do you like getting inebriated with yo' bruv's and watching groups of men in tights prancing around and occasionally slapping each others arses?

No, you say. Then why do you like American football?

Toilet humor

So I visited the bathroom this morning and said hey toilet how was your Christmas? Toilet replied probably better than yours, I wasn't visited by a bunch of arses!

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