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In the 90's Arsenal Soccer Club

Had a player called David Dicks. When he was injured,the Newspaper wrote"Arsenal to play without Dicks". The coach was upset so the Newspaper changed the headline to read"Arsenal to play with Dicks out"... A record number of women attended the match

Arsenal are playing Vorskla in the UEFA cup tonight.

They aren't that highly rated and no one really knows much about them, but apparently they're a small club from North London. 😁

Being an Arsenal fans is like dating with no sex

Winning games but no trophy

Arsene Wenger to be named new Brexit Minister.

Since he led Arsenal to another quick European exit.

"Arsenal found in man's basement!"

How he fit a regulation pitch down there, we still don't know.

"Arsenal" is just a word made up of two words which mean the same thing.

Arse-anal (almost same)

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