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Ever since I worked on my extreme arrogance, I've become a better person.

Better than all of you together!

since I worked on my problem with exaggerated arrogance, I'm a much better person.

better than you all together!

As an eastern European living in a western country, dealing with bureaucrats always brings me to tears

Their rudeness and arrogance make reminds me of my homeland, it makes me so nostalgic.

As a middleaged Argentine native I have come to the conclusion that our big ego and our arrogance don't let us see things the way they really are. We must admit that sometimes we make mistakes. Thus, we Argentines are imperfect.

...until you reach 50.

Now that I have worked on my extreme arrogance, I'm a better person.

Better than all of you together!

What's the difference between ignorance and arrogance.

I don't know, but *you* probably don't know either *idiot*.

I saw a Hobo Spider on the pavement.

Cheeky little bastard...he didn't even accept my £10 note. Walked right over it, I can't stand that level of arrogance.

What do you call a spirit of pride, entitlement, privilege, and arrogance?

An heir elemental.

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