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What did arnold schwarzenegger say when someone told him to upgrade to Windows 7?

I still love vista, baby

Arnold Scwharzanegger gets a call from his agent about a feature length film based around classical music. When asked which character he'd most like to play,

'I'll be Bach'.

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say about the baritone?

It's not a tuba.

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say when he was invited to the historical costume party?

"I'll be Bach"

Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked to play Mozart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been offered the chance to play the role of Mozart in a new film. He read the script but was not impressed. So he told the producers 're-write it and I'll be Bach.'

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't get any eggs for easter.

His secretary asked him: "Does this mean you hate easter now?"
He said: "Nah. I still love easter baby".
*(Reading out loud helps).*

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say to Beethoven on the way to the fancy dress party?

"I'll be Bach"

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger become after he resigned as Governor of California?

An ex-terminator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger should open a pest control business.

He's already an ex-terminator.

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger do after he retired?

He became an ex-terminator!

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say to his wife when she asked if Christmas was his favourite holiday

I still love Easter, Baby.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one, Michael J. Fox has a small one,

Madonna doesn't have one, The Pope has one but doesn't use it, Dominique Strauss-Khan uses his all the time. What is it?
A last name you pervert.

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say when he got asked to play in a film about classic composers?

I'll be Bach.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger's s**... orientation?


What was Arnold Schwarzenegger's answer when asked which historical person he would like to play in a movie?

I'll be Bach.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger were a pianist..

He'd be Bach.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger was a composer which would he be?

He'd be Bach

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say to the gym manager when he was joining a new gym?

I'll re-rack.

What if Arnold Schwarzenegger got a job getting rid of pests?

He would be the ExTerminator.

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say when Sylvester Stallone wanted to dress up as classical composers for Halloween?

"You be Beethoven, I'll be Bach."

What would Arnold Schwarzenegger say if you asked him his favorite holiday?

"You have to love easter, baby." (OC)

Arnold Schwarzenegger PC upgrade

Few years ago someone asked Arnold Schwarzenegger to upgrade his PC to windows 7. He said I still love vista, baby

Arno joke, Arnold Schwarzenegger PC upgrade

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  1. Why couldn't Arno find a date? His minimum requirements were too high.

Arno joke, Why couldn't Arno find a date?

Arno joke, Why couldn't Arno find a date?

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