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Two grave robbers walk into a bar

They go to a corner and start playing poker together.

An hour later the first grave robber goes up to the bartender. The bartender asks, what happened? You look upset.
The grave robber replies, i just lost an arm and a leg!

I went to the bank with my wife when an armed robber walked in, pulled on a balaclava and pulled out a gun.

He went up to a customer and asked "did you see my face?" The customer said "yes", so the robber shot him.

He asked another customer "did you see my face?" The customer said "yes" so the robber shot him.

He asked me "did you see my face?"

"No, but the wife did"

My armless uncle was a bank robber for 40 years and th e police couldn't ever capture him...

Apparently, they couldn't arrest him for armed robbery.

Bank Robber

A masked armed robber runs into a bank and up to the first teller. As he begins to tell her to give up the cash, his mask falls off. He puts it back on and then asks her if she saw his face. She replies yes, so he shoots her dead. Next teller is asked the same thing, replies yes and bang, dead. He then turns to a couple standing in line and asks the man if he saw his face. The man replies "No, but my wife did."

Funny joke, I think.

A robber who had no arms tried to rob me, good thing he was unarmed.

Armed robbers. Some say they're a drain on society.

But you've got to give it to them...

What do you call a person that commits a robbery with his bare hands?

An armed robber..

What's the difference between an unarmed black man and an armed robber on the run?

How should I know, I'm just a cop!

A one-armed man was robbed

The robber said "stick it up"

Cemetry at midnight is the only place in the world where...

A couple of armed robbers will scare you less than a little lonely girl in a white dress.

An armed robber, fleeing from the police, ran into a s**... club

It turned into a h**... stage situation.

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