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A woman's husband comes home wasted every night and she always yells at him before going to bed alone. One day she decides to try some reverse psychology. When her husband staggers in that night, she's waiting for him in her best l**.... She sits him in an armchair and gives him a backrub. "It's getting late, big boy," she says after a few minutes. "Why don't we go upstairs to bed?" "We might as well," slurs the husband.

"I'm going to be in trouble when I get home, anyway."

I tried to build myself an armchair, but I s**... up some of the measurements and made it too wide

So near, and yet sofa

What do you call an Irish armchair?

Patty O'Furniture

I'm an armchair psychologist

Yesterday I diagnosed a Lazyboy with schizophrenia

What did the couch say to the armchair?

Don't worry, I pull out.

As an armchair pundit, I can't help thinking the Thai team would have escaped sooner

If they'd made better use of their subs

For his birthday my son asked me to buy him an armchair.

I've looked around and I can only find ones made from wood or leather.

my son came home with a free sofa and armchair today,

I've told him before never to take suites from a stranger.

I work at a furniture store. My boss asked me to label and price all the new items.

I said, "Hey boss. How do you want me to label this stone armchair?"

He said, "No man, clay chair."

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